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Cor domum means "heart of the home"; we believe that the family is the heart of every home, and we want to become a resource for families who want to discover the joy of family life.

Your host, parenting author Katie Trudeau, navigates families through life, guided by gentle parenting and natural living practices. 

Jul 13, 2019

In this episode, Katie introduces the 8 principles of Attachment Parenting and how they can relate "natural parenting." Natural parenting is about creating a lifestyle that is responsive, conscious, and responsible.

This episode briefly covers each of the principles of Attachment Parenting and how it can be used to parent by nature. 

She'll cover:

  • What is natural parenting?
  • What are the principles of Attachment Parenting?
  • Is Attachment Parenting right for your family?
  • How Attachment Parenting can create a lifestyle that fosters joy and happiness


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