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Cor domum means "heart of the home"; we believe that the family is the heart of every home, and we want to become a resource for families who want to discover the joy of family life.

Your host, parenting author Katie Trudeau, navigates families through life, guided by gentle parenting and natural living practices. 

Jul 21, 2019

Why Giving to Others Makes You Happy 

One of my all-time favorite memories was Christmas as a child. Family came in from out of town, there was good food, everyone was happy. Christmas was downright magical as a kid, and the presents didn't hurt either! Getting presents always seems like kids happy. (FYI, receiving gifts IS one of the five love languages!)

But then something happens. You grow up and have your own babies, and you realize that GIVING those Christmas presents is a far more exciting experience. 

It feels good to give. You feel happier when you make others happier. 

But why? As it turns out, there is a little bit of science behind this too! A study from the Harvard Business School found that when individuals give, they activate the pleasure centers in your brain. 

It literally feels good to make other people happy. 

The Challenge

  1. Give to another today.... it could be something big... it could be something small like the last piece of cake (especially if you really wanted it!)
  2. You don't have to let us know what you did, but let us know when you're done... then you can continue to inspire others! (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
  3. Encourage your family to start the challenge too!
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